• BE BOLD  <br />That’s beautiful.

    That’s beautiful.

  • FOX Philly’s always smart and funny news anchor<br />and sometimes gal on the street.

    FOX Philly’s always smart and funny news anchor
    and sometimes gal on the street.

  • Where’s Jenn Fred? She’s everywhere!<br />Think you can keep up? Dare you to try.

    Where’s Jenn Fred? She’s everywhere!
    Think you can keep up? Dare you to try.





Dont let this picture fool you.  (Looks pretty easy .. yes? ) FLOWRIDING means throwing yourself into a 30 mph surf wave thats sits on a trampoline made into a skateboard type ramp.  WHAAAAAAT?    Yes .. its nuts but super fun.  What you can’t tell in this pic is that[...]

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BEST FRIENDS .. Claire and Landry

FRIENDSHIP … it starts when you are young.


These two ladies .. Claire in the pink is 4 – Landry in the blue is 5.   They love each other to death ! ( without sleep they are each others nemisis)  When they are playing together (fully rested) they will occasionally stop to say, ” you are my BEST FRIEND.” [...]

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If this is 42 … I LOVE 42 YEAR OLDS !!


Leslie Mann is making it look easy as she steps on to the RED CARPET for the Premiere of her latest film THE OTHER WOMAN. Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz are also in the film , yet, their red carpet looks were “hum drum” compared to this.  The side swept[...]

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Being nice is not BEING BORING

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When we think of “nice” people .. we sometimes think of boring people.  Your favorite librarian is … NICE.  But, nice DOES NOT have to be boring ! In a world where we all want to be best – look the sassiest – tell people we are on this vacation or that[...]

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