• BE BOLD  <br />That’s beautiful.

    That’s beautiful.

  • FOX Philly’s always smart and funny news anchor<br />and sometimes gal on the street.

    FOX Philly’s always smart and funny news anchor
    and sometimes gal on the street.

  • Where’s Jenn Fred? She’s everywhere!<br />Think you can keep up? Dare you to try.

    Where’s Jenn Fred? She’s everywhere!
    Think you can keep up? Dare you to try.



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Beautiful days … remember to try new stuff and celebrate your family. Marsh Creek Boat Rentals is a great place to start. Great Instructions. .. great equipment. .. smiles for days

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My kind of Florida …

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I have 2 kids so at least once a year I love taking just one of them on a trip.  Nothing fancy … nothing too long … just enough time away from school sports and play dates to reconnect.  I live an airplane ride away from my Dad, but, when we[...]

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My marathon …

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    In October I hosted an amazing event here in Philadelphia.  It was an awards dinner for BACK ON MY FEET.  Volunteers at BACK ON MY FEET agree to run with homeless people all year.  Yes, in the rain and in the raw cold , when it’s freaking hot as heck[...]

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I can touch the sky ..

Hardest JENNFRED challenge yet …

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HERE’S THE HAPPY PART OF THE STORY : A few weeks ago I asked 4 people to take the elevator of a Philadelphia skyscraper to the top and then scale down the outside … all 31 floors of the building.  Those 4 people Mike Lane, Keith Leaphart, Holly Waters and ‘Diva’ Richards[...]

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This is a post about love. I love my kids , my husband and my Dad.  I also LOVE my girlfriends.  I meet new ladies every damn day … most of them AIN’T WORTH SHIT.  Mally Roncal – YES THAT MALLY – is different. ( if she is faking I[...]

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